HydraFacial + CryoSkin Lift

Hydrafacial is a professional skin treatment that combines exfoliation, extraction, and infusion special serums. It gently removes the top layer of dirt, debris, and dead skin cells and helps to address various skin concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and acne!

CryoSkin Toning Lift leverages cold to improve microcirculation. It results in the boost in the production of collagen. This refreshing finale addresses redness and skin irritation, promoting a calm and even complexion and dull skin, imparting a radiant and vibrant glow.


Understanding CryoSkin Facial

CryoSkin Toning Lift is a non-invasive skincare procedure that utilizes controlled cooling to enhance facial skin appearance. The treatment involves lowering the skin’s temperature, which in turn stimulates microcirculation. This enhanced circulation is crucial as it leads to increased oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin cells. One of the key outcomes of this process is the boosted production of collagen, a vital protein for skin health.

The application of cold in CryoSkin treatments has multiple benefits. Firstly, it addresses redness and skin irritation by reducing inflammation and calming the skin. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with sensitive skin or those prone to conditions like rosacea. Secondly, CryoSkin imparts a radiant and vibrant glow to the skin. This is achieved through the improved microcirculation which removes toxins and enhances cell turnover, leading to brighter and healthier-looking skin.


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